Terms of Service

May 9, 2017

Everything on this website (ablopez.com) and on any social media outlet, or external source owned, operated, leased, or in any way controlled or operated by AB Lopez or any of its agents, is copy-written by AB Lopez and is not to be shared, used, referenced or otherwise implied upon without giving obvious credit to AB Lopez or without prior written consent. 

All information provided by AB Lopez is to be considered opinion based and should, by no means, be considered professional advice of any kind or in any way. 

Licenses to use AB Lopez content in whatever manner you desire can be purchased with the contingencies that (1) the AB Lopez logo and branding remain on it and (2) credit must be given to AB Lopez for the creation of the content.

By consenting to be photographed or video recorded by AB Lopez or any of its agents you are also granting AB Lopez full permission to maintain the content published indefinitely with no expectancy of receiving any royalties, percentages, further contractual agreements or obligations towards your entity or yourself.

It is common AB Lopez practice to request permission from individuals who will be video recorded or photographed, however, it’s impossible to ask every single person; if you so happen to find a picture or video that you are in and do not wish to be in it, contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

Dedicated sponsorship packages are available for purchase if you choose to have content dedicated to your entity or personal self, if you would like more information on the available options, contact us.

The AB Lopez calendar that is published on this website is for informative purposes only, feel free to stop by and say hi if you are in the area, however we ask that you be respectful and keep in mind that we are working and may not be able to sit down and enjoy a lengthy conversation with you, even though we would love to. If you want to schedule a time and date to sit and enjoy a good chat with AB Lopez, simply contact us and we will do everything possible to make it happen. 

Items available for sale on the AB Lopez store may take different lengths of time to ship; if AB Lopez is within the United States, the items will be shipped much quicker than if he happens to be elsewhere (i.e. Costa Rica). We make every attempt to ship the items as soon as possible in order to ensure customer satisfaction, however sometimes this becomes challenging. 

We all have varying opinions and it cannot be expected that all of us agree on everything, therefore we ask that if you happen to have a different opinion on any given issue and find yourself unable to cope with varying opinions, simply move on. There is no need to be rude, hurtful, demeaning, or a nuisance. However, if you, for some reason, cannot carry out the rest of your days in peace without sharing your difference in opinion with us, send us a polite email and we will happily have an exchange of information with the understanding that you are you and we are who we are. Did I mention… be polite?

AB Lopez assumes absolutely no liability or responsibility for the misinterpretation, misuse, and/or misrepresentation of any content on this website or on any other platform. 

Any content showing how to perform any task, project, hobby, craft, etc. are to be considered for informative purposes only. If you or any tangible item happens to get hurt doing something we discussed on video, photography, word of mouth, written word or any other type of content, please understand that we are not to be held responsible or liable since everything you do is at your own risk.

Any AB Lopez content discussing any trade or task that would normally require a licensed professional to complete, should be completed by a licensed professional. Please do not try anything you see us do at home unless you are willing to accept all responsibility for your well-being and that of any other individual and/or tangible items.

The links that I provide to some of the supplies are links that direct you to the page containing the tool or item described on Amazon.com. By clicking those links, you are helping me and my channel get more recognition and if you choose to purchase the item through the links, I may be eligible to receive a couple of pennies for the purchase; these pennies come out of Amazon’s profits for selling the items, therefore the item does not cost you anything extra when you purchase through one of my links. These pennies and contributions are saved until the necessary amount is reached to purchase better recording equipment, editing software, advertising for the channel, and more adventures or trips.

My Patreon account also acts as a direct way of contributing to my channel, even though contributions are by no means mandatory, they are very much appreciated. By contributing to my channel through Patreon, you will also receive a number of cool perks, please check out my Patreon page to see the specific perks you will receive based on your desired contribution amount.