AB Lopez Awarded Influencer Status

     I’ve always heard and been told that calling yourself an 'influencer' without having been given the tittle is looked down upon, and could cost you many followers. Always keeping this in mind, I took off on this great journey AB Lopez - Brand has been and will continue to be for years to come, never thinking about what footprint I was truly making out in the ‘interweb’. After all, this is what I love, so I always have a smile on my face.

  Well wouldn’t you know it, AB Lopez - Brand is now an Influencer! Isn’t that cool?! Amazon.com officially made AB Lopez - Brand an Influencer in late October 2017. We already had many plans of incorporating our ‘AB Lopez - Brand Certified Quality Guarantee’ into most, if not all, products to be sold on our built-in store at ABLopez.com, which has a projected release date of Summer 2019.

  By receiving the ‘influencer’ tittle, we can further expand our social media footprint, we also hope to attract more commercial backing for some of our ventures. Amazon also gave us a “personalized” page on their site for us to place products we recommend, use, or have done plenty of research on. The AB Lopez Amazon Page can be found at: https://www.amazon.com/shop/ABLopez or by Clicking Here.

  The page that Amazon gave us turned out to not be as personalized as we expected it to be. It essentially gives us the ability to add products already sold on amazon to it, much like making a wishlist; but these are not items we want, they are items we recommend. I had the opportunity to add many of the RV Essentials for beginners, some of our personal use products, and many products we have used in the past.

  One of the perks of having the AB Lopez Amazon Page is that many items purchased directly from that Amazon subpage may grant us a small percentage of Amazon’s profits; even though these profits are normally in the cents, the thought is that many clicks and many buys add up little by little. That’s where we recruit your help; help us continue making great content by purchasing any products that meet your interest through our Amazon page. 

  We invite you to check out the AB Lopez Amazon Influencer page and browse through some of the products that we use, have used, or have done sufficient research on. We also invite you to stay tuned for the AB Lopez Store opening! Everything from ABL Gear, to private imports, to AB Lopez personally handmade items. 

~Happy Trails Everybody!



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