We all love traveling but few of us enjoy packing! Want to know more about how to maximize space, get some TSA tips, save some money and even get access to our own ABL Air Travel Packing List? Well we've done the research for you, here is what we found...

Packing Tips

       One of the key factors when traveling is having what you need with you while abroad, finding the perfect balance between want and need can be challenging for some but becomes even more challenging for most when we pack at the last minute. Airlines have been cracking down on their luggage policies and most even charge for checked bags, therefore taking three suitcases to a four day stay in the Maldives makes little to no sense.

AB Lopez Awarded Influencer Status

     I’ve always heard and been told that calling yourself an 'influencer' without having been given the tittle is looked down upon, and could cost you many followers. Always keeping this in mind, I took off on this great journey AB Lopez - Brand has been and will continue to be for years to come, never thinking about what footprint I was truly making out in the ‘interweb’. After all, this is what I love, so I always have a smile on my face.